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Father and Son Using GPS

GPS Navigation System


Google Maps can now be used as GPS without Internet

GPS global positioning system

The acronym "GPS" has become part of our language habit. Its meaning is well known: "Global Positioning System", or Global Positioning System.

And its use is also widely known: establish the position in latitude and longitude coordinates anywhere on Earth . Behind these acronyms and so that the position is constantly known, a complex system of satellites and ground stations is underway.


The International Maritime Organization establishes the GPS and GPS NAVIGATION SERVICES signal as optimal in the use of emergency positioning devices, such as radio beacons, since both have an accuracy of less than 100 meters, compared to 5 kilometers of the obsolete COSPAS-SARSAT system.

In this way, the Russian constellation is integrated into the positioning systems of the IMO GNSS Global Navigation System.

The simultaneous use of two positioning systems (GPS and GPS NAVIGATION SERVICES) has as advantages an increase in the speed of reaction of the equipment and a greater accuracy of the position, which entails more precise navigation calculations.

With the above, in addition, the user is guaranteed to have at least the coverage of a satellite constellation in case of voluntary or technical fall of some of the systems (especially before the Pentagon's white card to suspend the civil GPS signal for reasons related to security).

Recently he has joined the race by offering a satellite positioning system to the European Space Agency.

The "Galileo" program has already begun to be launched. However, the economic situation of the Union is making the calendar not progress as planned (the commercial exploitation date is expected for 2015, without confirmation that it can be so).

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Under the name of GPS NAVIGATION SERVICES (Global Navigation Satellite Service) the Russian Federation created a GPS-like system 30 years ago, with similar features and similar operating mode, but totally free, although with an accuracy slightly lower than GPS.

The GPS NAVIGATION SERVICES is a three-dimensional orbital satellite positioning system (latitude, longitude and height), three-dimensional speed and time. It is managed by the Russian Space Agency, covering a community of users similar to those who use GPS.

The satellite constellation is composed of 24 units, whose use is free and non-discriminatory.

The teams have achieved a high technical resolution, with an error of less than 45 meters in height and a probability of success greater than 95%, although the Russian office notes that the accuracy is between 7 and 10 meters in open spaces, which they hope to improve after replacing the old satellites with new third generation units.

How it works


GPS satellites circle the Earth twice a day in a precise orbit. Each satellite transmits a unique signal and orbital parameters that allow GPS devices to decode and compute the precise location of the satellite. GPS receivers use this information and trilateration to calculate a user’s exact location.


GPS navigation system work so fast to get you with the accurate results that you're looking for. Even while driving you can trust on your Navigation and achieve your desired destination so fast that you can't even imagine at first place or before GPS Navigation facility.

How it works
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About Us

About Us

Our website is for the GPS user who are looking to update their GPS devices themselves but are unable to do . This generally happens when they are not familiar with the process. Most the GPS devices need to be connected to the computer first as they can’t directly communicate with map servers through WiFi. This website contains information on how to update different types of GPS by telling the users the process in form of steps. We do not have tie ups with any specific GPS manufacturers and we a free how to do it yourself guide for the GPS users.

Our vision is to guide people wherever they go

If you use this new feature, forget about avoiding road jams

Positive data is the fact that, thanks to this new feature of Google Maps, we can save the consumption of our mobile data rate when we are on the road. At the same time, we make sure that the map will be available at all times, and that we will not lose the signal inside the tunnels (of GPS itself). Now, if we use the new Google Maps feature, we must keep in mind that we will not receive the traffic status in real time.

As you know, Google Maps allows us to modify the route to our destination based on possible accidents or retentions and other unfavorable conditions in the circulation. In this case, therefore, we must count on that we will not benefit from this powerful feature in which Google Maps works especially well, thanks in some way to the data provided by Waze.

We are GPS Navigation Services

We revolutionize the way people travel. We connect smartphones to vehicles, help families stay in touch and guide fleets of business vehicles worldwide. All this while continuing to innovate.

Our culture

Although we have become an international company, we continue to maintain the culture of our beginnings. We are passionate about technology and we like to work in small teams. Each of us prints his personal stamp to our innovative products, which millions of people enjoy.

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